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I quite enjoyed this.
It's not exactly a masterpiece but what it has isn't flawed. Animation is smooth and good watching, style is very nice.
It is obvious that it's a bit of a test though, since it goes nowhere and is awfully short.
Good work, though. I hope this helps ease you back into animating and perhaps we'll see a quality short from you in the future. Maybe even a front-pager!

Not particularly "phunny". You got a play button and start screen down, there was a bit of sketchy animation on both the old man and the attacker. Nice if you could've made some walk cycles/backgrounds/sounds.
You get a star because the old man going down was fluid (and pretty much the best part) and also the shaky arm.
Everything else was poor. To be honest with you, even though it was short and stupid, if you'd put more time into the animation and stuff it may have passed for mildly amusing.
If you make something else, work harder before submitting.

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Duds123 responds:

Thanks! Your review is greatly appreciated. I'll take your advice into consideration.

Not really up to par.

I gave you half a star, because what little movement there was, actually moved.

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jakesgalaxy responds:

yeah sorry i was busy with my family so i only had about 5 minutes to make this

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This is really good, I like it, you've got the graphics the sound, everything runs smoothly and the script works to a tee..

Reminds me of space penguins, but it's a little more challenging.. All I can say is maybe make more.. sequels or just other games.. this is definitely a winner.

It's alright...

It was fun, but not enough to hold my attention for too long, it's too simple.

I think you may be onto a winner with the concept, I just feel.. there's nothing here I've not seen before, y'know?
There's plenty of physics variable sandbox play toy things out there, most much more entertaining and interactive than this. I will grant you that this probably takes a level of scripting expertise that I don't have the drive or effort to achieve. But it's just lacking appeal at the moment.

It's the thing in the shop that you pick up because it's interesting, and once you see what it is, you put it down and never think of it again.

Keep working, this as far as I'm concerned, is an experiment en route to you building a fun and interesting flash game. Nothing more.

it's ok...

It could really use some tweaking.. the basic concept is good, and you've got some good graphics and such compared to some games submitted here. But it did seem a tad sluggish and the holding down to fire bugs me slightly, the hacker chips seem to move a little too fast.. so many are impossible for both you and your reasonably higher paced ally to destroy.. other than that, pretty good.

Over-Kill responds:

Well they speed up the more you destroy them adding another element. If the holding down bugs you would you like em to add something to tell you when you are reloading and when you can shoot?

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